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Mermaid Squadron

Welcome to our Mermaid Grotto! Here you'll find an annual membership program to join our royal pod.


Fish Swimming

Pod Perks

  • Tutorials

  • Workshops

  • Book Club

  • Aquatic Inspiration

  • Weekly Discussions

  • Discounted Products

  • Network & Connect

  • Recipes

  • Seasonal Gifts

  • Mermaid Tips & Tricks

  • Swimming Tips

  • Discounted Rate for The Summit

  • "Fast Pass" at The Summit

  • 1st looks & sneak peak into all Afro products and services

  • Bragging rights to be apart of the best Pod ever!


Highlight your passion, business and/or platform amongst a community of mermaids eager to support your cause!


Learn and share new knowledge amongst your pod. Grasp tips, tricks, and even recipes to live your best mermaid life!


Find your sense of self-discovery, be encouraged to express your beliefs and values while building relationships with others.


Stay up to date with Mermaid culture. Never skip a beat with topics, interests, discussions and opinions throughout the year.


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