Founded from a vacation inspiration, AfroMermaid is an opportunity to build and positively transform a community of diverse water lovers.

Growing up as a brown skin girl, and not seeing any toys or T.V characters that looked like me, negatively impacted my self esteem. That goes for a countless amount of girls with a similar story. This highly influences the way we think, act and perceive ourselves; it really does something mentally. It tells us that we are not good enough.

I stumbled upon this beautiful mermaid store… grabbing everything that I could get my hands on and raced to check out. These were truly beautiful and unique mermaid finds but I paused with the realization that none of the mermaids looked like me, not one. I kindly put everything back and decided that something had to change. That is when Afro Mermaid was born. 

Fastforward to now, not only do we aim for representation in the black community but we also advocate for swim safety and ocean preservation through entertaining, teaching children, and hosting monlthy beach clean ups.