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Mermaid services

With a variety of services available, we’re here to bring you unforgettable moments.


No need to fantasize of mythical mermaids when you can have one at your next event!

We will help you put together an experience for your guest that they will never forget. From classic and fun to sultry and sexy; we offer a range of themes,  performances and activities that are sure to make a splash!

Available for all sorts of gatherings, such as children parties, corporate events, expos, live art, weddings and much more. Ask about Mermaid Makeovers & PIRATE ENCOUNTERS.

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Prop Rental

Making preparation easy with local South Florida deliveries, we offer a variety of props for all your Mermaid or Ocean themed party needs, including:

  • Siren and Mermaid Chair

  • Bubble Machine

  • Pirate Treasure Chest

  • Ship Wheel and Mast

  • Ocean Projectors

  • Variety of Backdrops

  • Jellyfish Centerpieces

  • Candelabra Centerpieces

Live Video Call

Bring a Mermaid right into your home with a virtual encounter. Let us help you deliver a personalized message to someone you love.


The Mermaid will introduce herself and say a special message. If time allots, she can show you some underwater tricks and read a book!


Video calls can range from 5 - 10 minutes long.


Mermaid Class

Become a Mermaid!


This program is designed for all ages and body types. Our detailed course focuses on safety in, on, and around the water as we teach students techniques on how to swim and perform gracefully as a mermaid.

We can create a plan based on your needs and goals for your Mermaiding journey.


Image by Brian Matangelo

Learn to Swim

Swimming classes for all ages!

Swimming classes are the building blocks toward a better future for everyone in the water. Starting out with introductory courses will lead all students on a path toward greater awareness and adjustment to the water and everything they can do in it.

We can create a plan based on your needs and goals for your swimming journey.


Image by Natalie Grainger

Lifeguard on Duty


In need of a Certified Lifeguard?

Ensure the safety of patrons by hiring Afro Mermaid Rescuers. We supervise safety and are trained to rescue swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants.

We are Red Cross Certified for  a variety of settings such as a swimming pool, spa, beach, river and lakes.

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