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Mermaid Squadron

Welcome to our Mermaid Grotto! Here you'll find an annual membership program to join our royal pod.


Image by Shaun Low


Our mission is to continue to grow our community by creating a virtual safe space to allow our pod to network and evolve.


Here you will be able to highlight your passion, business and/or platform amongst a community of mermaids eager to support your cause. We will also learn and share new knowledge amongst our pod to live our best mermaid lives!

Image by David Clode


The vision is to have access to your pod throughout the year, no matter where they are. Together, we will stay up to date with Mermaid culture and never skip a beat with topics, interests, discussions and opinions throughout the year.

Here we encourage our pod to find their sense of self-discovery, be encouraged to express their beliefs and values while building relationships with others.


Image by David Clode
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